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Rabha council demand committee stages protest


GUWAHATI, Feb 2: The Rabha Development Council Demand Committee (RDCDC) today staged sit-in demonstration at Dispur Last Gate today on the third day of the Budget Session of the Assam Assembly seeking creation of a Rabha Development Council for Rabhas living in BTAD and outside the Rabha-Hasong Autonomous Council.

RDCDC president Balen Rabha and secretary Prafulla Rabha said, “The Rabhas living in BTAD and outside the Rabha-Hason Autonomous Council are very backward. They need protection and development. Taking that in view a separate development council should be formed for them. We also want the appointment of a person as a member of the Assam Public Service Commission and a member from the community in the event of formation of an Elder’s House in Assam. We also want the inclusion of one member in the upper house proposed by the State government.”

The organization submitted a memorandum to Chief Minister.