Raid in fish market at Sarupathar

CHalani fish SEIZED

A Correspondent

SARUPATHAR, July 12: The Assam government on Tuesday banned the import and sale of chalani fish from other States for a period of 10 days following tests on samples that showed presence of cancer-causing chemical formalin. The Magistrate (SDC) Circle Officer, Jadev Arman and the first officer in-charge of Sarupathar police station, Hiraynnya Kr Dohotiya and team raided the fish market of Sarupathar on Wednesday evening and recovered one quintal of chalani fish from two shops of Nizam Ali and Moina Ali. Moreover, as chalani fish has been banned all over Assam, fish traders have got the chance to hike the price of local fish up to Rs 500 to Rs 1000 per kg. According to police sources, surprise checks will continue and anybody found importing or selling fish laced with formalin will have to face imprisonment up to 2-7 years and fine of Rs 10 lakh as per provision of the Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006.