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News launches fog impact predictor

New Delhi, January 2: In order to help innumerable railway passengers who get harassed due to the inordite delays due to fog in winters, has launched a fog warning feature in the app. “We launched this feature to help the train travellers mage their journey better. Every day, during the fog season in north India, about 60–80 trains get delayed. Passengers are stranded on railway stations for hours at the end,” Manish Rathi, co–founder and chief executive officer, said in a statement here on Friday. “During these chaotic times, the conventiol sources are not so reliable due to the heavy rush. We believe that the mobile technology, coupled with our data intelligence can help simplify train travel,” he added. This new feature in the RailYatri train app — Fog Alerts – will allow travellers to plan and book their train journeys after ensuring that their selected train has the minimum probability of getting affected by fog. Another major worry of travellers during the fog season is getting stuck in the middle of nowhere, and not being able to communicate exact location for hours.   (IANS)

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