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Rajdeep Roy appointed as honorary wildlife warden

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Silchar,  April 21: Assam Governor Jagdish Mukhi has appointed Rajdeep Roy, spokesperson, BJP Assam Pradesh, as an Honorary Wildlife Warden of this district for two years with effect from April 12. The duties and responsibilities of the warden is to assist the state organization responsible for wildlife conservation work with regard to control of poaching and clandestine trade in wild animals and their products or articles, detection and prosecution of offences under the Wildlife (Protection) Act and the rules made under thereof and preventing damage to the habitat of wildlife. The Honorary Wildlife Warden has to assist the state organizations to identify and selection of areas suitable to be declared as sanctuaries, national parks and closed areas, measures for dealing with the problem of damage by wild animals to life and property, including the assessment and payment of compensation, carrying the message of conservation to the people and enlisting public support for nature and wildlife conservation.

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