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Rajth seeks report on security lapse in Manipur

Imphal, June 24: Home Minister Rajth Singh has sought a report on how two former insurgents sheltered in a Manipur Rifles camp were shot dead. The killers escaped after the audacious Tuesday evening attack.

Ningombam bachandra, a former chairman of the outlawed group PREPAK, and his driver-cum-bodyguard Leishangthem Sanjit were in a supposedly safe house in the heavily guarded camp at Khabeisoi in Imphal district.

Somehow, gunmen of the “Red Army”, the military wing of PREPAK, sneaked into the camp, shot dead both men and escaped unnoticed by the guards and hundreds of personnel in the camp. No arrest has been made.

bachandra had signed the suspension of operations against the government along with some others and had been staying inside the camp for security reasons. The PREPAK on Friday claimed responsibility for the killings and asked nine other former insurgents to surrender to the outfit. (IANS)