Rally at Haflong on crime against women

 A Correspondent

Haflong, April 21: Protesting against crimes against women all over India and demanding death penalty for rapist and exemplary punishment to the accused of other crimes against women, a rally was organized from Synod Rotary to Council Rotary and back to the office of the Deputy Commissioner of Dima Hasao on Saturday.
People from every walk of life, including school children, took part in the rally carrying posters and banners depicting crimes against the women and children. Later, a memorandum was submitted to Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal through the Deputy Commissioner, Dima Hasao.
 The memorandum signed by the presidents and secretaries of several NGOs and social activists stated that the cases of rape, eve-teasing, molestation, domestic violence, woman trafficking and other social evils were very much prevalent in the society. Such crimes had made life miserable for women.
 Legislation by itself would not suffice because crimes against women were a deep-rooted social problem, stated the memorandum, and added that Noble laureate Amartya Sen had said that rape and other serious crimes against women were closely intertwined with inefficient policing and judicial system and callousness of the society. So, the quality of governance in States was the key to understanding the huge variation in incidents of serious crimes against women. The change in this regard could be made through sustained social efforts and focusing on youngsters.
 Apart from imparting value-based education both at home and schools, they should be made to understand the serious consequences of such heinous crimes. Women cannot solve the problem by themselves. They should understand women and men should understand women. Both should work together to eradicate the menace, stated the memorandum.
 Considering the serious impact of the brutal crimes in the society, the NGOs and social activists urged the State Government to set up fast-track courts in all the districts of Assam and ensure speedy trial of all crimes against women; death penalty for rapists; anti-rape squad force for girls; self-defense classes for girls in every school; functional women helpline numbers to respond to emergency situations; sensitizing frontline functionaries like police, doctors,  lawyers, media, political leadership and society who are first contact point for women in distress; immediate notification of shelter homes and medical facilities across all districts of Assam; and establishing Mahila Suraksha Committees at village level with equal representation of male and female stakeholders to ensure safety of women, both within and outside homes. It has been observed that pornography was one of the major factors for committing crimes which should be banned, they added.