Rampant irregularities in the execution of rural development schemes

From Special Correspondent

Silchar, Feb 9: It is nearly nine months that the Sarbanda Sonowal led BJP Government has been in power. But, the legacy of Congress irregularities and anomalies in the execution of different rural development schemes in Ambicapur smart GP under Silchar development block continues. In a petition submitted to the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar, S Viswathan, IAS, here on Wednesday, Ambicapur Smart GP garik Mancha, Bhakatpur, near this town, has alleged rampant anomalies in the implementation of various developmental schemes of the GP during the fincial years from 2013 to 2016 and even in the current year.

Giving a detailed account of it, specific reference has been made to the construction of roads, tree plantation, excavation cum re-excavation of ponds, construction of water reservoir, harvesting tanks, clearance of water hyacinth among others. N Sinha, general secretary, Ambicapur Smart GP garik Manch, pointed out that their on the spot verification of all the ongoing schemes with photographic evidences is a tell tale of the irregularities being committed. The petition records the ground realities with views and comments of the local people. It has been observed by the Mancha members that in most of the cases, works were left partially done and incomplete. In some cases, works have not been done at all.

But quite brazenly, the total amount of money spent on labour and materials has been meticulously shown. Works under MGNREGA are fake and speak of the gross misuse of public money. The level of corruption does not end here. It is surprising to verify that almost cent percent beneficiaries in the PMAYG are from a particular community. This is beyond the comprehension of any sensible person as to how a particular class of people among multi-community dwellers can become total beneficiaries. A list in this regard has been appended herewith.

Considering the enormity of the anomalies, the Mancha urges upon the Deputy Commissioner to make a thorough probe into the shady state of affairs related to malpractices and irregularities within its total ambit. The continuation of corruption even after the coming to power of the new government with the promise to weed out all sorts of irregularities in every sphere of life has been rather surprising and shocking to the people in general. This petition has been submitted with the hope and conviction that the Deputy Commissioner of Cachar will initiate action for proper investigation and bring to book all those involved in the misuse and misappropriation of public funds.