Ranchi Man Ranjit Srivastava has Created a Hindi-Speaking Humanoid Version of Robot Sophia

Ranjit Srivastava
Ranjit Srivastava

Ranjit Srivastava (38) from Ranchi claims to have developed an Indian version of ‘Sophia,’ named as “Rashmi.” Rashmi can speak India’s national language, Hindi. She doesn’t halt with this, as she is coded to speak Bhojpuri and Marathi as well, along with global language, English.

Sophia is a societal humanoid robot developed by a Hong Kong-based company, Hanson Robotics. She can express more than 50 facial expressions. She became the first robot ever to receive citizenship of any country. On the other hand, Rashmi is still in a trial mode and as Srivastava claims, she is the world’s first Hindi speaking realistic humanoid robot and India’s first lip-synching robot. The robot (Rashmi) uses linguistic interpretation, artificial intelligence, and visual data and facial recognition systems.

The proprietor of a Ranchi based software company Lotus Communication, Srivastava said that it will take him one month more to give it the complete shape of a human. The robot’s head and body have been developed fully and they are performing accurately. The software specialist also said that the robot has many features besides the lip-syncing. Rashmi gives facial, lips, eyes and eyebrow expressions. It can move its neck.

The robot (Rashmi), which is yet to attain full human form, and it uses AI and linguistic interpretations to pick up the feeling of a conversation and also to elicit appropriate responses. In order to create Rashmi, Srivastava took the inspiration from Sophia, the world’s first robot with Artificial Intelligence and citizen status.

The achievement of Srivastava has been able to earn positive acclamations from the experts like Dr. Somnath Chattopadhyaya, Associate Professor of IIT-Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad.

According to the Hindustan Times report, it took Srivastava two years and an almost Rs 50,000 to create Rashmi. Rashmi is still a work in progress and will get a complete body in no time.

Well for the admirer of science-fiction, this is probably one of the best times to live in because as they will be getting to see all their dreams turning into reality! We hope he will be able to take Rashmi’s debut on the international stage with a big bang. Srivastava has certainly led the milestones of India’s work in this segment many steps ahead. Let’s hope another humanoid to get the citizenship, and this time it’s of Indian-origin.