Rape victim seeks change of Assistant Public Prosecutor


SHILLONG, June 29: A woman who was allegedly raped 13 years ago when she was a minor has written to the Meghalaya government to change the Assistant Public Prosecutor (APP) who is fighting her case for the APP has allegedly defended a rape accused in another case.

“As a common person I feel that this is surely a conflict of interest and against the ethics of the legal fraternity.  This may be the reason that this APP in respect of my case never gave me courage but instead seems to put down my spirit of hope,” the victim said.

The woman who was raped 13 years ago was made a seizure witness in a rape incident of a minor in Mawryngkneng’s East Khasi Hills district.

She urged the government to appoint a dedicated APP so that she can get justice.

She also advised that in future “good and dedicated APP” should be appointed who will help in delivering justice to all rape victims.    

In her letter addressed to the Law Secretary, the victim also pointed out that the particular APP who was appointed did not protect her interest at all.

“During my cross examition, the defence had questioned me if in 2010 I had aborted a child. I was so shocked at the query and more shocked at the silence of the APP who did not even raise an objection to the question,” the victim said.