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RBSU apprises Meghalaya CM to set up government college


SHILLONG, Feb 9: A delegation of Ri Bhoi Students Union (RBSU) Central Body on Thursday apprised the Chief Minister Mukul Sangma on the urgent need of setting up a government college in an around Umroi area, Ribhoi district. The delegation urged the Chief Minister to set up the college at the earliest to cater for educatiol needs of 500 plus villages falling under the Umsning, Umroi and Mawhati constituencies.

After meeting with the Union members, the Chief Minister said, “I have assured the delegation that we will meet again after the budget session scheduled in March and by then they will know, what are the measures the government will be taking in connection to their demand.” He informed that government will also be taking up various initiatives in the upcoming budget session in regards to the educatiol sector. “We had discussed at length on the issue pertaining to access to higher education and the challenges faced by our student community and the measures taken so far and other issues relating to the whole education sector,” he said. He added, “I had the privilege of sending them (RBSU) with great hope because I have maintained that the governments job is to engage in due diligence across all sectors and look at addressing disparities wherever it exist.” In a memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister, the Union informed that the only prominent college offering degree courses in Ri Bhoi district is the Ri Bhoi College situated at Nongpoh, however, the location of the said college is feasible only to those students residing in villages within Nongpoh area. “Most of the students hailing from villages falling under Umsning, Umroi and Mawhati constituencies find it difficult to cope with the distance problem as it ultimately results in unnecessary time wastage and expenditure. It is also a known fact that students of the said villages have no other option but to go to Shillong to further their studies,” the NGO said.

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