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Read Here: People living in Karbi Anglong’s Tarapung Village still lacks Basic Amenities !



Diphu: At a time when the entire nation marching towards development, here’s a story of a village in Karbi Anglong which is still deprived of the basic civic amenities. It is very shocking that till today, basic developments have not been taken place at Tarapung (Tara’aji) village of Nilip constituency located in Karbi Anglong District.

During the summer session, patients suffering from various health-related issues are being carried by local men as there are no medical centre or ambulances to carry them to the hospitals.

Moreover, there is no proper road connectivity, mobile tower, schools available nearby the village areas.

This is not the first time people are being affected by such inconveniences, many locals have lost their life due to above-mentioned reasons.

Several memorandums had been submitted by the local people on various occasion to the local administration, urging for basic necessities, in return the people have got promises to execute their requirements from the local administration but till today no development had taken place in the area and it only remains in talks and promises, as a result, the local are facing such difficulties today even they are leaving in this generation.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said, “We are now moving towards a governance system characterized by Performance, Transparency and Delivery. On-ground implementation of schemes is vital. I urge members of the Governing Council to help create a govt setup which works & has the people’s trust.”

He also mentioned about the role of NITI Aayog which eyes on to fulfill the mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas. “We shall collectively fight against poverty, unemployment, drought, flood, pollution, corruption and violence,” added PM Modi while chairing the meeting today.

The goal to make India a 5 trillion dollar economy by 2024, is challenging, but can surely be achieved. States should recognize their core competence and work towards raising GDP targets right from the district level, stated PM Modi.

Also, highlighting the export sector, PM Modi said the export sector is vital for boosting income and employment; States should focus on export promotion. Newly created Jal Shakti Ministry will help provide an integrated approach to water.

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