Readers, activists of Bamboosa Library lauded in Tezu at Arunachal Pradesh


A Correspondent

TEZU, July 29: “Bamboosa Library from inception has been contributing to personality development of the readers. Self confidence of the activists is remarkable and make them stand out amidst all others,” said well-known social activist & village headman of Tezu Soloi Ngadong village while attending the Sister Nivedita Library Awards to outstanding reader-activists and volunteers at the Bamboosa Library premises on Sunday here. He said, “The friends of the library movement and the parents are deeply grateful to several patrons across India and abroad for their constant support to the library”. He also appealed to all parents and villagers to start visiting the library to benefit from its rich collection.

DIO of NIC, Tezu June Kadu, who too has been a strong supporter of the Bamboosa Library from the very first day, congratulated the reader-activists and devoted volunteers for spreading the joy of reading among the rural and remote school children of the region.

“We hope that many more adults and senior students would utilize the excellent library services for their own learning advancement as well as motivating others, Kadu added.”

Kadu also gave away prizes to dedicated library activists, including little Emume Mihu, a class 3 activists from Abali Library, Roing and congratulated Sister Nivedita Award winners Rejum Potom, a teacher & Prem Pradhan, a caretaker.