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Reasons to buy Panasonic TV and not the rest

Panasonic TV
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Imagine your TV stopped working just when you switch it on to watch your favorite show. How would you feel? Sad, heartbroken, and of course, irritated, and annoyed. Television is a medium that informs people, raises curiosity among them, and gathers millions of people around the world on a common topic. Now, imagine a world without TV. Yes, I know there is internet to keep you updated about everything around you. But television has its own beauty of disseminating information. It has the authority, delivers quality, and most importantly, creates communities. With the change of time, the television sets have also changed from a big box to frameless slim televisions.
But to find the smartest television among all the other smart television sets is a pretty hard task. So, let us make it easy for you. Panasonic, the largest consumer electronics manufacturer from Japan, offers decent variety of televisions. Affordable as it has a reasonable price, Panasonic is a much more reliable brand when compared to other television production companies.

  • Real and Bright Screens
    Panasonic’s HDR tech flaunts itself as HDR Premium, which is more real and brighter as compared to the rest. It draws its working operation from the way our eyes perceive an image and adjusts the way it perceives, in order to match the given environment.


  • Superior Colour Reproduction Quality
    When you’re deciding which television to purchase, it is vital to choose the one that has superior colour reproduction ability. With Panasonic’s Hexa Chroma Drive, colours are recreated as they were captured. This technology employs a state-of-art image processing algorithm that uses six colour reproductions instead of three that are used in other television sets. The images appear naturally vivid and beautiful as it uses the three primary colour axes – red, green, and blue, which compliments the set of other three colours – cyan, magenta, and yellow. This technology gives a tough competition to Triluminous display from Sony, Quantum Dots from Samsung and OLEDs from LG.


  • Dynamic Sound
    The Panasonic television uses a slim audio system, known as Dynamic Blade Speaker. It gives a strong bass with an assembly of 14 speaker units, containing eight woofers, four squawkers, and two tweeters. The quad passive radiator is also there to spice up the bass.


  • My Homescreen 2.0
    Panasonic’s Smart Homescreen 2.0 is Firefox-based operating system, having a complete overhaul over Firefox OS. One of the neatest and easily customizable smart TV OS, My Smart Homescreen 2.0 has various features in the form of Decks. To name a few of the decks are: Live TV Deck to let the viewers catch the live action of the TV programs, Apps Deck has all the useful apps on Firefox’s marketplace, and the Devices Deck allows the viewers to connect gamut of communication.


  • Float in the Air
    The innovative designs of Panasonic televisions can be seen in its premium EX series which have a ‘Swivel and Lift’ design, in which, the display appears to float in the air with its stylish pedestal. The design highlights the screen to put an emphasis on the picture which is being aired.


  • Amazing Viewing Experience
    The brand uses unique honeycomb structure panel to produce smooth and deep black gradation levels for immersive viewing experience. It ensures that images won’t be washed out in high and low brightness areas even if the input signal exceeds the screen’s maximum brightness level.


  • 4K Fine Remaster Engine
    Although 4K segment is catching up the demands of the present world but presently there aren’t many sources which supports 4K segment. This means under using the potential of 4K TV to run something of lesser resolution. To cope up with situations like this, the Japanese engineers at Panasonic have worked hard to deliver super resolution, using its new and efficient engine, which they love to call as 4K Fine Remaster Engine. It employs example-based resolution technology, which easily copes with various sources like Full-HD, SD images, online movies, and others.

Well, here are a few of the Panasonic television sets in different ranges that you can directly purchase from Amazon.
1. Panasonic 80 cm (32 inches) Viera Shinobi, Super Bright TH-32E460D HD Ready LED TV (Black)

2. Panasonic 147 cm (58 inches) TH-58D300DX Full HD LED TV

3. Panasonic 124.5 cm (49 inches) Viera TH-49EX480DX 4K UHD LED TV (Black)

4. Panasonic 139 cm (55 inches) Viera TH-55EX480DX 4K UHD LED TV (Black)

5. Panasonic 165 cm (65 inches) Viera TH-65EX480DX 4K UHD LED TV (Black)