Redefine your Driving Experience with Jaw Dropping Models from Maruti


Maruti Suzuki isn’t only the predominant name in the small car segment but it has managed to control its monopoly in terms of quality and service since its inception. The ‘legend’ of Maruti shot to fame after it pushed out popular brands like Padmini Fiat and Ambassador almost 30 years before. Today, it continues to maintain the same legacy as for many of its loyal consumers, they call it the lord of Indian streets.

Both car experts and critics equivocally agree that Maruti’s rivals have a set number of effective models, and that is the reason they think that its hard to hold clients or strategically pitch items. Maruti has an extensive variety of new and old small car models which stay hot venders.

Maruti’s extension has not debilitated its conventional fortress. In the small cars segment, Alto is by a wide margin the pioneer, offering 2.4 lakh units for every year, more than twofold that of its closest competitor Renault Kwid that sold around 1.09 lakh units in 2017. The exceptionally spacious and comfortable hatchback Swift was ahead of Hyundai Grand by around 20,000 units in 2017, with dispatches of 1.66 lakh vehicles.

Maruti’s most recent entrance into the Sedan category was Ciaz, defeated the leading Honda City. The Ciaz achievement was rehashed in the premium hatchback portions, where Maruti has been a late contestant. Also, Baleno surpassed Hyundai’s Elite i20 premium hatchback.

Maruti’s achievements over the years have made it a milestone to judge the standards of the automobile industry. The solid execution of its marketing plans along with technological advances over various sections makes Maruti Suzuki a benchmark for the passenger vehicle industry.

In the year 2015, where Maruti expanded by 13.4%, the overall industry growth was 4.2%. Experts are of the view that if Maruti wouldn’t have excelled performance that as per the statistics, it would have been a negative year for the Indian passenger vehicle market. In 2016, Maruti had an overall growth of 8.5%, while the industry grew by 6%, and without Maruti, it would have been 4.2%.

In February this year, automobile giants Maruti re-launched its most sold price effective sedan category car, the brand new Swift Dzire with a much sleeker look and upgraded version. What’s interesting is that the new Swift Dzire is comparatively shorter and amazingly, it cheaper than the older version. This has narrowed down the price difference between the Swift hatchback and the Swift Dzire to just Rs. 50,000, leaving the customers both happy and confused at the same time.

Given the fact that that the Dzire with its all-new makeovers including better interiors, auto climate control, integrated music system, steering mounted controls and so one, it is definitely a better choice for the customers who want quality perfection, comfort and affordable pricing. As per Maruti, the new Dzire has been launched with 130 features, both new and improved. Dzire standing at a starting Ex-Showroom Delhi price of Rs 4.79 lakh for the base petrol version, it goes up to Rs 7.09 lakh Ex-Showroom Delhi for the diesel top end.

With the launch of this all-new avatar of Swift and Swift Dzire, Maruti is all set to lead the market trend as the jaw-dropping ergonomics and a streamlined body has already pulling consumers away from other brand varients who intended to put a completion up for the brand leader. Sorting out internal management issues that were bothering Maruti for some time, it is zinged up to out-throw the remaining competition in the passenger car industry.

The breakthrough in efficiency improvements for its diesel cars, Maruti’s own diesel engine production capability has elevated to an additional 60, 000 units taking it to a total of 3 lakh per year. According to automobile experts and marketing pundits, the Dzire’s pricing strategy by Maruti is exclusively targeted towards pulling more consumers towards this brand. It also aims to create a boom in the market share as far as the passenger car industry is concerned. So, when it comes to car, be wise and choose the best. Affordability, comfort, safety and technology rarely come in the same package, but for Maruti, they have changed the concept and have redefined the joy of driving!