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Regiol plan for brilliant performance in Maths & Science

IIT Guwahati finds NE students weak in science subjects

GUWAHATI, April 12: Top functiories in North Eastern Council (NEC) and Education departments from different NE States on Thursday resolved to chalk out a regiol plan to improve performances of the region’s students in Mathematics and Science.
In presence of senior functiories from the Education departments from various States of North Eastern region and NEC the issue related to the present status of Science and Mathematics in the region was discussed minutely to find out a perspective plan for its improvement.
The meeting was started with a brief presentation of the findings of the study report recently prepared by NEDFi, with the support of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati. According to the overall findings of the study the performance of students in mathematics and science in the NE region is a cause of concern. In Tripura, Manipur, Aruchal Pradesh and Assam, the average score was higher than the regiol average. In galand, Meghalaya and Mizoram, the average scores were lower than the regiol average. As per the report the factors that may contributed to the low performance of the students includes differences in the educatiol level of the parents, dissimilarities in the teaching-learning methodologies used etc.
The study took up a regiol plan for improving Science education in schools in NE region, according to which this development can be achieved by offering quality education, especially in the science and technology sector. And also in order to achieve the implementation of various strategies the report proposed different activities that is needed to be taken up for each strategy.
The total requirement of funding of implementing the components of the proposed Regiol Plan is estimated to be around Rs. 38.64 Crore which will cover 600 schools in the region, with 145 schools in Assam and 65 schools in each of the other states.
It is to mention that the objective of the study on “Regiol Plan and Status of Science Education in Schools in North Eastern Region” was to try and formulate a regiol plan for the improvement of the teaching-learning of science and mathematics at the school level in North Eastern India. The study was conducted by the advisory and consultancy division of North Eastern Development Fince Corporation Ltd(NEDFi), with support of the IIT, Guwahati.
Followed by the brief presentation of the report the chairperson of the meeting and NEC member C. K. Das said, “The reason for higher unemployment in NE is due to the lack of skilled people. If students will be not good in Science and Mathematics the region will not get learned people in Medical, Engineering or Commerce. The students should get proper facilities in school for learning Mathematics and science. Without good education in Science and Mathematics the region will not grow”
The meeting was then followed by comments from members of NE states and experts and ended with open house discussion, action plan and recommendations.