Regulations take a back seat as illegal fishing continues in Sivasagar


SIVASAGAR, April 25: Despite the imposition of ban on fishing of local fish in the State starting from April 1 to July 15, in accordance to with the Assam Fishery Rules 1953 and Assam Fish Seed Act 2005, rampant fishing continues ubated in Sivasagar district.  It may be mentioned that following incessant rain for the last ten days, the water bodies have been overflowing in the district as a result of which the fishes have been making their own way out of the water bodies. It has been also witnessed that due to the sudden availability of fish in large quantity, people are seen catching fishes carrying eggs, which is a strict no as per the law.

Meanwhile, it has been alleged that the concerned authorities are not taking any measure to control the rampant illegal fishing.

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