Revenue officer suspended on graft charge

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A Correspondent
TANGLA, July 4: The allegations of a section of public that the officials of Harisinga Revenue Circle Office in Tangla have to be bribed for every official proceeding were proven true after a video of a revenue officer (lot mandal) of the Circle Office accepting bribe went viral on social media. Reportedly, the revenue officer, identified as one Numal Daimari, had allegedly accepted bribe of Rs 10,000 from a person for registration of land while a voice in the video clearly said that the accused had been previously paid the sum of Rs.10,000. The accused also allegedly confessed that a share of the bribe went to the Circle Officer. After the video went viral on June 27, it drew sharp criticism of Nonai Serfang, BTC MCLA Suresh Tanti and Rangia MLA Bhabesh Kalita. The Udalguri district administration informed media persons of strict disciplinary action against the official. The Land and Revenue Department of BTC suspended the Revenue Officer on Monday.