RMWF regiol unit formed to address issues of minority people

From a Correspondent

TANGLA, Feb 5: In a bid to protect the political rights and to address the grievances of the minority communities in the region like Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Buddishts, Jains and Parsis, the Bhergaon subdivision unit of Religious Minority Welfare Forum (RMWF) was formed at a meeting held recently in the Bodoland Guest House at Bhergaon in Udalguri.

The meeting, where the keynote speech was delivered by Charan Daimari, was chaired by Md. Azizur Rahman.

The meeting where RMWF central committee president Laifang rzary and general secretary zrul Islam Ahmed attended, a 20-member Bhergaon subdivision RMWF committee was formed headed by Charan Daimari as president, Md.Azizur Rahman as vice-president, and Ismail Sikder as general secretary.

Nerswn Boro, Deputy Speaker of BTC, while attending the meeting as chief guest, expressed hope that the forum would be successful in giving a voice to the issues of the minority community people.