Road blockade by Brihattar Asomiya Yuva Mancha (BAYM), local MLA’s effigy burnt

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Dilapidated road condition in Lakhimpur


LAKHIMPUR; July 13: The dilapidated condition of roads in Lakhimpur district is a sheer mockery of what is developmental activities in the real sense of the term. Not just the fury of flood, but the dilapidated condition of many of the crucial roads of the district has caused the people and the travelling public to suffer immensely since a long time. One of such road is undoubtedly the North Lakhimpur-Azad-Panigaon Road which connects the south-eastern part of the district covering two large mouzas. It is highly regrettable that the road has further heightened the misery of the people leading to their serial protest demanding immediate repair of the road. Yet neither the district administration nor Lakhimpur MLA Utpal Dutta has taken any effective measure to improve the condition of the road. Under such circumstances, the Lakhimpur district unit of Brihattar Asomiya Yuva Mancha (BAYM), in association with the people of greater Azad area took to blockade of the road at Azad Tiniali on Friday demanding the immediate repair.

Anupam Saikia, the working president of the organization, slammed Utpal Dutta for his alleged lackadaisical attitude while miserably failing to initiate any positive measure to improve the road condition. It is alleged that the regional party politician has been using the grater Azad and Telahi area for his political gains. Venting their anger against the alleged worthlessness of the Dutta, despite being an MLA for 25 years, the BAYM activists burnt his effigy in the heart of the town. The BAYM leaders also condemned the district administration for its inefficiency.