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Roads inundated in Dibrugarh after shower

A Correspondent
Dibrugarh, June 13: A fresh spell of shower on Wednesday left many streets and roads inundated here. The otherwise welcoming rain, which came after several days of merciless heat, has jostled many a people into a state of discomfort as the flooded streets posed inconvenience for them in more ways than one. Areas of the town such as Milan Nagar, Jeevan Phukan Nagar and Naliapool bore the brunt of the downpour.

Although the Dibrugarh Municipal Board (DMB), as a pre-emptive step, had undertaken the task of cleaning the drains, the situation on Wednesday proved beyond doubt that the DMB has a lot more to do in terms of averting urban floods. Moreover, the Town Protection Drain (TPD), the lifeline of the drainage system here, was lying in a poor state, unable to drain the excess rainwater from the land surface.

The TPD, which has fallen victim to encroachments and siltation, was taken up for refurbishment in 2014, when a Madrid-based company was awarded the contract. But, ever since the company did some kind of a moonlight flit and abandoned the project, fresh work on the drain is yet to begin. Many organizations for long have been demanding immediate start of the construction work of TPD, but to no avail.