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Robber gang bbed in Goalpara, 3 turn out cops

GOALPARA, Feb 6: In a sensatiol development on Monday in Goalpara, six youths were arrested in connection with a robbery case under Agia police station. Among these six youths, three were identified as police constables. According to Amitava Sinha, Goalpara Superintendent of Police, on February 1, a businessman from Dudhnoi was robbed off Rs 1.70 lakh by this gang under the pretext of frisking him. The incident took place in a hotel at Tukura area where the businessman Jagdish Debth was summoned by the group.  Later, a case was registered at Agia PS (case no. 17/2017) under section 394 of Indian Pel Code. Subsequently, three constables Roushan Ali, Ashraful Alom and Sameer Jalal along with Twelstar A. Sangma, Chifton Momin and Knowledgeton A. Sangma were apprehended in the case. “After the case was registered we seriously verified the angle of involvement of police too. We intensified investigation and solved the case,” remarked Amitava Sinha. The police on Sunday also arrested the mastermind of a recent shooting incident involving a businessman at Dolgoma area under Matia PS.