Rs 6 lakh looted after pouring adhesive on victim

United Bank Of India

A Correspondent
JORHAT, June 20: An amount of Rs 6 lakh was looted after pouring adhesive on a customer of the United Bank of India, Tarajan Branch, who had withdrawn the amount and was supposed to deposit it in the State Bank of India main branch, Jorhat, along with his son. The money was looted in front of the UBI Tarajan Branch, said police sources on Wednesday.

Police said the customer of UBI Branch has been identified as Bhim Kanta Hazarika. He and his son Jadumoni Hazarika, both residents of Choladhara, Jorhat, had withdrawn an amount of Rs 6 lakh from UBI Tarajan branch which was supposed to be deposited at SBI main branch. Both father and son reached their Maruti car parked in front of the UBI branch. The money was with Jadumoni who entered the car and kept the money on his side seat. Suddenly he found that someone was pouring adhesive type jelly on his father’s body.

Seeing this, Jadumoni rushed to get hold of the person and after that the money packet kept on the front seat beside the driver’s seat was missing. Two bundles of Rs 500 notes were found under the vehicle. Police were informed and investigation is on.

Meanwhile, all banks located in the area have sounded red alert while checking and patrolling along sensitive areas have been intensified.