Rukmini Haran enthralls viewers across the State


SIVASAGAR, Feb 1: Culture transcends time and age and a clear manifestation of this is the majestic performance of an ankiya bhao (religious ballads in classical dance form), penned by the 15th century Vaishvite scholar Srimanta Sankardeva, by a group of child artistes from Kala Bihar Sangeet Vidyalaya, Sivasagar in Brajawali language in various places in Assam.

Assisted by a gayan-bayan (musical) troupe, the students of Kala Bihar Sangeet Vidyalaya enthralled audiences at Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakhetra, Guwahati, Sivasagar tya Mandir and Merelipathar Sarbajanin Vaisv mghar, Chabua by performing the play Rukmini Haran, which is among the popular ankiya bhaos of Sankardeva. The play was organized under the aegies of Kala Bihar Sangeet Vidyalaya in association with Sivasagar tya Samaj.

The ankiya bhao was staged as per direction of Gobin Mahanta, a Xattriya exponent assisted by Mrili Mahanta Chaliha, Principal of Kala Bihar Sangeet Vidyalaya and noted social activist of Sivasagar, and Saurav Chaliha, executive member and chief coorditor of Sivasagar tya Samaj.

The first performance of the play at Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakhetra, Guwahati was staged on January 8, which was iugurated by eminent artist and lawyer Dilip Kr. Hazarika. The event saw the presence of vice-chairman of Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakhetra, Surjya Hazarika, secretary of Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakhetra, Madhurima Baruah Sen, Padmashree awardee Eli Ahmed, film-maker Dara Ahmed, Upakul Bordoloi, senior IAS officers LN Tamuli, NM Hussain, GM Hazarika and Shantanu Thakur, IPS officer Dilip Bora, Dr Mirnda Borthakur, Anjali Borthakur, former MP Kirip Chaliha and several others.

The Sivasagar edition on January 9 was iugurated by the Director of Sangeet tak Akademi, Northeast, Raju Das, in presence of tiolly famed stage decorator Nuruddin Ahmed and other dignitaries.

The third performance at the auditorium of Merelipathar Sarbajanin Vaisv mghar, Chabua on January 29 was iugurated by noted physician Dr Saurav Buragohain, while Dr Junu Mahanta, president of Merelipathar Sarbajanin Vaisv mghar Cultural Committee shouldered the responsibility to hold the play.