Ruolsafak celebrated in Dima Hasao with traditiol fervour

From  a Correspondent

Haflong, Feb 1: The people belonging to the Hrangkhol community living in various parts of Dima Hasao celebrated their harvest festival on Wednesday with great enthusiasm. The nearby villages like Zion, Lungkhok and Haflong Twon Kalibari also celebrated the festival in a befitting manner.

The Hrongkhols celebrate various festivals with great enthusiasm. They observe the harvest festival called Rual-Chapak or ‘Ruolsafak’, which means eating meat with friends together after harvest, and also offer their gratefulness to the Sun God. They invite the spring season through the Parangat festival. ‘Parangat’ means flower. Hrongkhols observe Parangat on a full moon day. This festival begins in the evening and continues till next morning. Except the main entry to the village, all other paths remain closed for the day. They collect wild flowers from the nearby forest and thereafter they greet each other and welcome the advent of spring. They sing and dance the whole night.

Like other hill tribes, fish is a symbol of prosperity to the Hrongkhols. They present a special dance ‘Bhailam’ to some honourable persons in their village. The male dancers wear Churia, Kamis, Lukom and Changkaltak and the female dancers wear Ponbomtak, Pomnei, Kongkhit and Thepbop. They use orments called Jakcher, Chumhrui and Lirthei. In these festivals, song and dance performances are the main attractio!ns. The prominent folk dances of this tribal group of Dima Hasao are Darlam, Doinkini, Rochemiam and Soksollam. They play some traditiol musical instruments like Dar, Cheranda, Rochem and Theile. All these songs and dances reflect the rich culture of the Hrongkhols.