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Rural, sub-urban areas steal limelight in HSLC 2018

4th, 5th and 6th positions bagged by Lakhimpur

LAKHIMPUR, May 25: Three meritorious students have brought laurels to Lakhimpur bagging the 4th, 5th and 6th ranks in the state in the HSLC examination this year. They are Hritick Shyam Saikia and Bidarshan Dutta of St Mary’s School, North Lakhimpur and Kalpa Jyoti Gogoi of Lakhimpur National Academy. Rhitick and Bidarshan bagged the 4th and 5th places respectively in the toppers’ list while Kalpa Jyoti achieved the 6th position. The results of these three students have brought new glory to the academic progress of the private sector schools, outshining those of the public sector.

Hritick has secured an aggregate of 590 marks with a percentage of 98.3. He is the son of Dr Gobin Saikia and Minakshi Baruah of Khelmati area in North Lakhimpur town. Hritick wants to be a doctor. Bidarshan grand aggregate stands at 589 marks with a percentage of 98.2. He is the son of Siladitya Dutta of Ward No. 11 in North Lakhimpur town. He wants to be a neuro surgeon.

Kalpa Jyoti of Lakhimpur National Academy secured an aggregate of 588 marks. He is the son of Bhaben Gogoi and Nityamoni Gogoi of Konwar Gaon near North Lakhimpur town. The students and the staff of his schools took out a procession in the town celebrating the glory of his success. On the other hand, the schools concerned, district units of ASSU, AJYCP and the district administration felicitated the three achievers for their outstanding success in the HSLC examination.

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