Russia vows tough response to new US sanctions

Moscow, April 7: Russia will not leave new US sanctions and any future hostile actions without a tough response, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said after Washington announced a new round of restrictions against Moscow. With endless sanctions, including those for the removal of competitors with administrative measures, Washington has actually gone against the market economy and free, fair competition, the ministry said in a statement on Friday, Xinhua news agency reported. “There remains only a desire of the US to ensure by all means its global hegemony,” it said. No measures of pressure will derail Russia from its chosen path and they only demonstrate the ibility of the US to achieve its goals and consolidate the Russian society, it said. “We would like to advise Washington to get rid of illusions that we can be spoken with the language of sanctions,” the ministry said.

The US Treasury announced earlier in the day that it has imposed new sanctions on 38 Russian individuals and entities, including seven business leaders and 17 senior officials, for their alleged “malign activity” around the world. As a result of the punishment, all assets of the desigted persons and entities that are subject to US jurisdiction are frozen, and US persons are generally prohibited from dealing with them. (IANS)