Rusted electricity pole poses great threat to human lives


SHILLONG, Feb 13: The rusted electricity pole of Meghalaya Electricity Corporation Limited (MeECL)   erected for electric supply to different villages in the rural areas in Meghalaya, poses a great threat to human lives.

The rusted electric pole at Umkadhor  village in Ri Bhoi District is one of the few rusted post that the MeECL need to be replace, there are many more such rusted pole in different villages even in the capital city Shillong.

Many people express that the attitude of the MeECL poses a great threat to human life if such rusted eclectic pole collapse people will lost their life due to negligence form the part of the MeECL authority, many have express their views that filed worker of the MeECL should take cognizance to such pole to report to the authority concern for replacement.

The question arises weather the MeECL has a budget in the corporation to replace rusted electric pole, or they know how to collect their electricity bills without caring human life.

Earlier the HYC of  Mawkhar Circle have taken up the issued on this rusted pole in the Capital Shillong that the MeECL should replace them immediately.