Sadar police station tops arrest list


Shillong, June 11: A whopping Rs 29.58 lakh has been realised as fines from people who were caught drinking in public places and creating nuisance under various provisions of Meghalaya Police Act 2010, according to an RTI finding.

The Sadar police station in the city tops the list with 687 arrests (627 male and 53 female), of which seven are policemen and defense personnel. The total number of persons convicted by various courts in Shillong is 592.

Though the Meghalaya Police Act came into force in 2011, there was no implementation in true spirit. The Sadar police station was the first to implement the provisions of the Act in June last year.

The business community of Police Bazar area has come out openly in support of the steps taken by Sadar police station.