Sadou Asom Betan Banchita Karmarata Sikshak Santha staged National Highway Blockade in Lakhimpur

National Highway Blockade
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LAKHIMPUR, July 23: The Sadou Asom Betan Banchita Karmarata Sikshak Santha (SABBKSS) staged national highway blockade in Lakhimpur on Monday against the State Government’s decision to terminate a total of 9,236 teachers under the union from their jobs. Initiating the protest, the union comprising teachers who were appointed during the period between 1991 and 2001, also demanded to immediately release the salary of those teachers who were in the meantime verified to be working regularly in the investigation report. These teachers have been being deprived of their salaries since the date they were appointed due to the red tapism in the State Education Department. In addition to above mentioned demands, the SABBKSS submitted a memorandum to the State government demanding regularization of their posts within July 30, to determine their differences with the other teachers who were appointment during the same period but were regularly getting salary, and to compensate the teachers who retired without getting salary. The SABBKSS threatened mass suicide on July 26 unless their demands were fulfilled.