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Sanders Defends Herself Over ‘False Statement’ Allegation

False Statement


Washington: After admitting to investigators for Special Counsel Robert Mueller that she delivered a false statement from the White House podium, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has defended herself saying she made the remark in “the heat of the moment”. The redacted Mueller report that was released on Thursday revealed that Sanders had acknowledged that her repeated claim in 2017 that she had personally communicated with “countless” FBI officials who told her they were happy with President Donald Trump’s decision to fire James B. Comey as the agency’s director was a “slip of the tongue” and not founded on any facts, reports The New York Times. Asked during a TV interview on Friday if the report had damaged her credibility, Sanders responded that she had made the statement in “the heat of the moment”, and that it was not “a scripted talking point”. (IANS)