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Save rhino, save the fau

Sentinel Digital DeskBy : Sentinel Digital Desk

  |  27 Aug 2016 12:00 AM GMT

Reema Das

The flood scerio of Assam reminded me of my school days when we were asked to write on it by our teachers as the river water rose to danger level and that too only during monsoon. It haunted me to repeat the same when I became a teacher and asked my students to write a paragraph on the ‘ Flood Situation in Assam and its solution’. Since then it remained in the closed note books of my students, no solution ever worked.

Since last two and a half years, I have been away from my state; my limitation is within the pages of the newspapers. But what I feel most is the situation of some places including Kaziranga, which are inundated, has deteriorated and the relief work is highlighted imagitively by the politicians and a section of media. Like the note books of my students, the ministers too open this topic only during flood time. They forget how much it surfaced as a grave problem when the villages are submerged and it is filmed under water and how flora and fau go ridiculed in this threatened existence. So much of destruction- life, property, agriculture is beyond imagition. Every year flood situation is under preview, they give it a me like grave, harsh and after its alysis, and the account is closed.

During September to March, we enjoy so much of vibrant life especially in Kaziranga. I get emotiolly attached while passing from Gauhati to Tinsukia and in between the Kaziranga... But the most pathetic sight of the one horn Rhinos, getting dehorned and killed unsympathetically by some selfish ture terrorist, who poached this to fill his coffers from the intertiol market. Their body parts are in great demand in Chi and Tibet. Their horns and bones are used for medicil purposes and the skin and teeth of the it are prized possessions.

We all wrote on social sites to speak, condemning the killing of our tiol treasure, the speechless Rhinos, The one horned Rhinos bled si much, we too bled seeing it’s mutilated body. Now the question comes how to save these one horned Rhinos from getting dehorned and defaced. The people of Assam , especially the villagers , who live near the Kaziranga tiol Park are to be trained to catch the poachers and help the authority. Awareness campaigns need be organised to bring a change with a focus on practical and positive solutions. Well trained soldiers are to be deployed in the park. The tiol Park should be strictly monitored with Camera Traps, GPS Trackers and Drones. Zero Tolerance approach should be built, highlighting it as the Zero Poaching Zone and must be subjected to tiol Agenda.

Our country is not in dearth of experts and scientist, who could show a new light for reviving the beauty and life of flora, fau and the problems faced mostly by the villagers during flood time. They face not only the outcome of the harsh weather but the bites of skes those come under their feet or enter their home or the bite of mosquitoes that make them victims of the situation.

There are many problems which need to be endorsed and probably a joint effort from the people on different walks of life like the villagers, NGOs, local experts, and the Center and the State.

Kaziranga is the hub of different species and the moment one reaches there, it seems to be a heaven with the chirping of local and migratory birds, elephants and deer could be seen crossing the adjacent road for their fodder. The entire surrounding is so peaceful, who could believe that these animals, which are the attraction of the hundreds and thousands of tourists every year, are being targeted every second of their life; although they are cautious yet they become victim of the bullets sprayed by the goon of the Jungles. Is there anyone, who can give a real protection to these innocent lives, which would make us proud to say that our Animals Kingdom is safe. Let’s say ‘ Safe Rhinos, Save Rhinos’ in beautiful greeny jungle of Kaziranga. I here post one poem for the readers which may reveal some pathetic aspects of the issue in a more vivid way.

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