Scorching sun and sultry heat hit normal life

Special Correspondent

Silchar, July 16: After long spell of rains and a comparatively cool weather, normal life in Barak Valley has been hit hard by heat and humidity with blazing sun in the sky. In fact, the month of July, also known as the month of Asar in Bengali, is supposed to be all wet and not dry. And this has been the weather history of this South Assam. The scorching sun and sultry weather have kept movement of people and traffic low. Most have preferred to be indoors. A trip round the town shows the roads and streets have thinner movement of people, pedestrians and vehicles of all sorts.

There seems to be no respite from the tormenting heat soon as the weather forecast indicates. According to the meteorological department report, the temperature peaks up to 36 degree Celsius today and will continue to be high for the coming seven days. The sky during the day will be clear and the sun almost turning into an inferno. Of course, as the forecast records, during night there is the possibility of showers but without any salutary effect on the ever rising mercury. Though this valley has earned the distinction of being the most wettest spot in north east as the rainy season spans almost 7 months.

There is reason for that as this zone is surrounded by hills on all sides, exposing it to rains, moderate and heavy during monsoon. For the last one and half months covering May-June, people in the rural areas of the three districts have suffered due to the scourging floods of Barak and all its tributaries. The sufferings of people have been immeasurable with their houses, livestock and paddy fields going under waters. Even before they could forget the hardship and sufferings has come the unbearable heat and humidity of sunny days, though interspersed with occasional clouds hovering over. People prefer to stay indoor unless compelled to go out.

Office goers after reaching their establishments, get respite under not so cool breeze of the fans. It has been observed that many out on sundry purposes enter ATMs just to cool themselves. People are also seen in large number flocking around the ice-cream vendors to sip the frozen juice or water in order to satiate their thirst and cool themselves down, though a temporary relief. Air coolers and conditioners are working round the clock at homes, commercial places and banks. The only question lurking in one’s mind is when will the torrid days be over? Luckily, schools and colleges are having their summer vacations.