Seven houses destroyed by wild jumbos


GORESWAR, July 13: A herd of wild elephants destroyed seven houses in no.1 Suagpur under Goreswar Revenue Circle in Baksa district on Wednesday night. Luckily all the villagers managed to save their lives while the herd entered the village at night. A herd of about 50-60 wild elephants has come down from the Bhutan hills in search of food and water. The herd destroys paddy, banana, betel nut and sugarcane fields as well as houses at night and takes shelter in the bushes of Sukla and Barnadi river bank during the day. The elephants enter the villages as soon as it gets dark in the evening. Many houses have been damaged by the herd of wild elephants. The herd has been moving in search of food in greater Nagrijuli area since the last couple of weeks and has been creating terror in various villages under Goreswar and Tamulpur revenue circles.

A wild elephant was found dead on July 8 at Pub Guwabari village under the Tamulpur forest range office in the district. Though the forest department could not determine the cause of death of the elephant, people suspect that the wild elephant died due to electric shock.