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SF-10 commandos set to take on rebels in Garo Hills

Garo Hills

Sentinel Digital Desk


SHILLONG, Oct 5: The specially recruited youths of the Special Force- 10 commandoes of Meghalaya Police passed out on Wednesday with dymism of a force that can match any special force of the tion. Unlike the usual police unit contingent of 1100-1200, these 223 commandos and 113 rangers with specialist training to meet any circumstances marched by the saluting alter with a differences. The parade with rifle up in their hands called 'Utcha Bayesas' (not on the shoulder) rekindled the Army Special force sigture that is re-manifested in the Special Force-10 of the Meghalaya Police trained under a retired Army officer Brigadier William J Sturgeon.

Brigadier (Retd)Sturgeon, a veteran instructor in Counter Insurgency schools imparting training to the India, Sri Lanka, Iraq and jawans of several countries told The Sentinel, " These men and women have been trained intensively to meet the demands of the hills terrains, the desert, swamps and other demanding circumstances".

"32 trainings and 28 exercises were carried out within the 15 months period to make them the perfect commandos that could match to any team during the call of duties," he categorically stated, even as he spoke about the counter-insurgency operations, deep sea jumping, para-gliding and others that is akin to any specialized commando training.

However, the concept "buddy commandos", where his own collogue will use all available to bail out comrade in any hostile eventualities added to the challenges.

Sturgeon said, "These fresher's blended with some incorporated seniors in CIOPs will transmitted another alarm call to any crimil or anti- tiol forces in the state and the country.

"This specialist team is to ensure few rounds of firing with maximum casualty," the chief instructor stated. He claimed that there will is no doubt about their capabilities and it will be proven wherever, whenever they are deployed.

Commandant of the SF -10 Jerry FK Sangma, said, "With the amount of training and dedication blend with motivation, I have no doubt that they will accomplish their assigned task". They are looking for greatness in combat, sentimental and emotiol respect to any crimil or anti-tiol elements with all sorts of precision thoughts," Marak stated.

Interestingly, there were 30 odd girls in the SF-10 unit who are right there to go everywhere they assigned. One of the girls received a double medal for her exemplary training.

All of them have been listed to go for the first ever deployment in the strife-torn districts of Garo Hills. They will be split in small group for swift mobility. Three Boleros, 18 gypsies, three light trucks and two heavy trucks along with and ambulance will be provided to the newly created SF-10.

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