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Single Legacy Data: 950 applicants!

GUWAHATI, May 10: How many persons can use a single Legacy Data code to prove their eligibility to enroll names in the updated NRC? Believe it or not…officials engaged in the ongoing NRC verification exercise are baffled to see a single Legacy Data code being used by 950 applicants to prove their Indian citizenship.
All 950 applicants from a single joint family have used the Legacy Data code of one late Hussain Ali of Phookan Dolonigaon at Naoboicha in Lakhimpur district. They have submitted a 68-pages long Family Tree form to prove that they are all descendents of Ali Hussain. Naoboicha Block Elementary Education Office is currently verifying documents of 950 applicants. He said it will take few days to verify piles of documents submitted by 950 applicants to prove their linkages with Hussain Ali.
The development is one of the instances and evidences of population boom in Assam coming to the light during the ongoing NRC verification exercise.