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‘Social Media Must Be Used As A Means To Empower Oneself’: Nagaland Governor PB Acharya


KOHIMA: A day-long media seminar on social media was organized by the North East Press Service (NEPS) News group at Raj Bhavan, Kohima on Tuesday. Nagaland Governor PB Acharya speaking at the seminar said that print media, electronic media and social media are supplementary to each other. The Governor said that social media is a great blessing provided one knows how to make the best use of it. He said that one should not be scared about the negative side of social media but use it as a means to empower oneself and also address the problem of the society.

Also stressing the importance of education he said, “Society can only progress where there is education and even suggested introducing it as a subject in the school and college syllabus in future. ”

The Governor called upon the younger generation to adapt with the changes happening around them and also to change their mindset to strengthen the society. He challenged the participants to embrace social media and utilize the medium to build up the society.

Nagaland Press Association president, H Chishi speaking on the topic “Traditional Mass Media and Social Media”, said that social media have become an integral part of modern society and the presence of such new media has threatened the existence of newspapers and even the publication and circulation have come down to some extent.

He said social media has changed the lives of many people, as it provides a better social life. He further added that students have become smarter as they are being exposed to a whole new world of technology through social media.

IG (Range), Sonia Singh, speaking on the topic “Police-Citizen Communication in the Special Media Age”, said that the State Police is well equipped to deal with cyber crimes or other related offences in the State. She warned the people against circulating fake news and information saying that the creator as well as those forwarding fake news in social media was equally liable to be punished by the law. She urged the people to use social media judiciously and to respect others privacy. She further cautioned people that social media should not be a platform to airs one’s fear, emotions, vengeance, revenge, etc.

She said police are there to protect the people and social media is an important medium to connect with the citizens by sharing of critical information, dissemination of advisories and laws, creating awareness and to establish mutual communication.

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