Sonitpur Forest Department takes major step to stop illegal business

From a Correspondent

Tezpur, Feb 8: In a move to prevent the illegal business of sand-gravel, boulder, cane and timber run by a section of politically motivated unscrupulous people, the new DFO, Sonitpur (West) Dabindar Suman and Ranger Jesimuddin Ahmed have seized a number of vehicles – AS-12-AC-0793, AS-12-AC-6263, AS-12-E-4712, AS-12-E-8660, AS-12-E-3597,AS-12-E-0697, AS09-C-5482, AS-M-6159, AS-12-C-5817, AS12-AC-1587 and two trucks having no number plate and no permit.

During the last couple of days, the forest department seized a total of 12 vehicles carrying illegal goods, intercepted during operation. The desigted officer also proclaimed that in the coming days more such action would be taken to eble the department to prevent leakage of revenue. When contacted, the DFO said that after she took charge, the department was able to register  a total of 55 cases and collect revenue of Rs 1.30 crore.