South Kamrup suffers massive deforestation

From a Correspondent

BOKO, Feb 5: Deforestation is going on all over South Kamrup along the Assam- Meghalaya border nowadays. With the alleged cooperation of corrupt officials, timber smugglers are cutting down valuable trees in the area and supplying to Meghalaya after paying commission to the corrupt officials.

The driver of a truck laden with timber said that everybody got a share when logs are cut – including the Ranger and the DFO of the range. And when the timber is transported, they allegedly have to pay Lumpee Police outpost Rs 1000, the forester another Rs 1000 and Assam Police Battalion gets Rs 500 per truck.

The deforestation caused due to the felling of trees is having serious effects along the Assam-Meghalaya border. Climate change has been noticed and local people believe that due to this orange production has decreased in the area and production of muga has become uncertain. Most of the villagers in the area depend on production of orange and other citric food along with eri- muga cocoon production for their livelihood. Hence the government should take measures to check illegal timber smuggling.