Speaker Hitendranath Goswami Bid To Hold Three Sessions A Year

Hitendranath Goswami

Staff Reporter

GUWAHATI: To make the practice of holding Assembly sessions in the State come up to the Lok Sabha’s standard, State Assembly Speaker Hitendranath Goswami is contemplating on holding at least three sessions of the State House in a calendar year. At present no standard norm in the number of Assembly session is followed by the Assam Legislative Assembly (ALA). Sometimes it holds three Assembly sessions, and sometimes two.

This happens because there is no clear-cut mention in the Rule Book on the number of Assembly session to be held during a calendar year. The Rule Book is one that specifies the Conduct of Business of an Assembly. The State Assembly Speaker took an initiative on his own to ensure that the number of Assembly session in the ALA is in sync with the Lok Sabha that holds at least three sessions in a calendar year. Meanwhile, the Business Advisory Committee of the State Assembly has already approved the proposal to hold three Assembly sessions a year. Now the process is on to include it in the Rule Book through an amendment.