Special arrangements to be made in relief camps for women and children

From a Correspondent

Haflong, June 23: Special arrangements are to be made at the relief camps in the context of human vulnerability such as women, children, physically challenged and elderly persons who are considered weaker and vulnerable segment during such occurrences.

According to the guidelines, female gyecologist and obstetrician should be made available at hand for maternity and child-related health concern. There should be safety and security of women and children vigilance committees, women police officers stationed within camps to record and redress any women complaints, security measures to ensure prevention of women, children and girls abduction, proper accessibility of food and other relief aid, for emotiol support and ensure women’s needs are attended, proper hygiene and women’s special needs such as sanitary pads, white clothes and towels for sanitation are arranged, said Amarendra Baruah, Deputy Commissioner of Dima Hasao, while briefing the media on Thursday about the guidelines for relief camps that may be set up in the district and subdivision at the time of disaster.

These guidelines are illustrative and decisions maybe taken by the camp authorities as per demand of the situation, within the larger framework of the guiding principles incorporated in the manual, said DC Baruah.

A holistic and integrated approach will be provided to the people at the camps. As per the guidelines on receipt of the report from the revenue officials, the DC or the SDO (C) will order to set up a relief camp in an existing built up accommodation like community hall, avoiding education institutions as far as possible, which may be located ideally and safe.

The Deputy Commissioner also spoke about the basic amenities that may be provided during setting up of tent such as neat, sufficient warmth, fresh air, security and privacy for health and well being.  At least one responsible officer preferably ADC, SDO or CO to be desigted, one assistant camp officer for proper camp magement and all line departments such as PWD (B), PHE, Health, ASEB. Basic facilities like lighting arrangement and generator set, water facilities, sanitation, food storage and distribution, clothing, medical facilities and physic social support, vermin control and security should be made available at the camps.

Media on daily basis is to be provided basic information of the camp by the DIPRO as briefed by the DC or the SDO, said DC Baruah. Entertainment, recreation and IEC programme are also to be taken care at the relief camp according to the guidelines stated, for a meaningful involvement of the inhabitants at the camps.

The press meet was attended by a number of media persons including print and electronic media. The Deputy Commissioner briefed about all the arrangement to be made by the district and sub-divisiol administration and to cope with the tural calamities, especially earthquake and landslide in Dima Hasao.

Urging the media to create wide publicity among the people, DC Baruah at length described about the guidelines as given by the government during setting up of relief camp in case of disasters.