Speed up creation of new block: Dorbar members to government


SHILLONG, Feb 13: Members of Mawlai Town Dorbar led by local MLA, Embhahlang Syiemlieh demanded the state government should immediately speed up the creation of a new Mawlai C&RD block.

In this connection the delegation met the Minister In-charge, Community and Rural Development, Government of Meghalaya, Sniawbhalang Dhar on Monday to apprise him of the same.

Expressing gratitude towards the Chief Minister of the State, for the sanction for C&R.D Block at Mawlai, which was announced in the last budget session of 2016-2017, Syiemlieh however said that as the MLA of the constituency he from time to time has suggested the state government to constitute one committee which will comprise of the people from the government the department and members of the Mawlai Town Dorbar which will act as a platform to give various views and suggestion for creation of this block at Mawlai including employment beside others.

 “What I suggested the government was to constitute one committee where members of the Mawlai Town Dorbar including the MLA will be included in it but this has fail to materialize and the delay has make us doubted the government in this matter which made us meet the Minister incharge of the C&RD Block today to urged him to speed up the creation of the new C&RD Block at Mawlai,” he said.

“The minister in-charge however told us that till date this has not been filized and there are still two blocks whose land needs to be filized,” Syiemlieh told reporters here adding that he along with the members of the Mawlai Town Dorbar has in turn told the minister concern that there is no problem as far as acquiring the land to be use for building the C&RD office Block at Mawlai is concern.

“We have also suggested and offered the government land of the forest department opposite the new FCI to be use for the construction of the C&RD Block office which has an ample space not only for construction of the C&RD office but also parking , etc,” he informed.