Srigar records season’s highest, heat wave continues in Jammu

Jammu/Srigar, June 14: Jammu and Kashmir’s summer capital Srigar on Tuesday recorded the season’s highest temperature at 32 degrees while winter capital Jammu scorched at 40.2 degrees, the met department said. “Srigar recorded this summer’s highest temperature so far at 32 degrees Celsius today. Jammu city recorded 40.2 degrees as the day’s highest today. “On June 4, Jammu city recorded this season’s highest temperature at 43.3 degrees Celsius,” a met department official said. However, in a respite, thundershowers are likely to occur across Jammu and Kashmir during the next 24 hours. “This would bring in some respite from the present sweltering heat as the average temperatures would be lowered by a few notches during this period because of thundershowers and isolated rain at places,” the official said. (IANS)