Stepping out of our comfort zones

Travel and explore yourself

Want to learn more about the self? Travelling is the best way to explore yourself….

Travel and tell no one. This should be everyone’s motto this summer. Scroll through your social media accounts and all you see are pictures of your friends travelling around the world, all alone. But the first question that we come across – Is travelling alone a safe thing to do? Isn’t it boring? For women, it definitely is a bit challenging considering the gender inequalities they face around the world. But why travel alone? While it is wonderful to share a trip and experiences with the family and friends, it is equally important to spend some time with the self; with the inner you. We have never really explored our self fully and the solo trip gives you the perfect vacation with the self! Wandering around this beautiful planet, that too all alone will help you bring some changes in your life. These changes are not as big as you might think now, but small ones that will improve your way of handling life. A solo trip challenges you to be independent and not to rely on anyone else. You navigate your own place in this world.

So, here are a few other reasons to explore the world all alone-

  • You can do whatever you want to do. Explore or eat, sleep, and relax!
  • You will be able to solve your own problems, without depending on others.
  • You will have a better state of mind. A little bit of travelling helps one to open up their minds to everything around them.
  • You will step out of your comfort zone. And that itself is the biggest achievement.
  • You can even go on a ‘technology detox.’
  • And you’ll realize, you don’t need anyone else to enjoy your life.

Now all you have to do is prepare a summer itinerary…book tickets…throw off your gadgets!