Street Plays Staged by Mod Mukta Asom Dabi Samiti to Prohibit Citizens from Alcoholic Consumption in Golaghat ,Assam

Street play
Street play


Golaghat, July 30: With a view to create awareness among the general people against drinking alcohol, activists of Mod Mukta Asom Dabi Samiti carried out a series of awareness programmes by staging street plays in rural areas and crowded places of Golaghat district recently. A street play was played at Batapoint of Golaghat town where artistes appealed to the public through the play not to drink. Through this street play, the activists of Mod Mukta Asom Dabi Samiti tried to make people understand how alcohol abuse affected their families and the society at large.

The president of the organization, Prabin Das said, “Drinking alcohol is on the rise, especially among the youth. Availability of alcohol in villages and rural areas is harming youths and poor families. Increase in alcohol consumption has led to increase in crimes like rape, theft and robbery.” The organization staged street plays in various places of Golaghat district like Kabarugaon, Kacharihat, Kamarbandha, Rajanakhat, Hatiakhowa, Pulibor and Missionpatty to create awareness against alcohol and to demand ban on sale of alcohol in Assam.