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Structural Damage Appears on Shankar Baruah Bridge at Numaligarh


Guwahati: A structural damage appeared on the Shankar Baruah Bridge at Numaligarh. Big potholes were seen on the Shankar Baruah Bridge which lies above the Dhansiri river. This bridge runs through National highway 37. The locals have alleged that such deep potholes on the bridge are a major threat for local people along with the vehicles that pass through it every day.

It may be mentioned that this a major point of connectivity and each day, hundreds of people commute to other parts of Numoligarh using this bridge. It not repaired on time, it can create serious problems for transportation and lead to a major accident at any time. The locals further urged that the concerned authorities must look into the matter at the earliest and should take adequate measures for repairing the bridge at the earliest to prevent any untoward incidents.