Study Reveals Shocking Report, One Third of Married Indian Women Experience Spousal Violence

spousal violence

Almost one-third of all married women in India have experienced spousal violence with wife-beating accepted by many women, says a study that calls gender-based violence as one of the most serious considerations in the country. The study was conducted by the Vadodara-based organization ‘SAHAJ’ together with ‘Equal Measures 2030’, a global partnership of 9 civil society and private sector organizations with its secretariat within the United Kingdom. Citing data from the National Family Health Survey (NHFS) 4, SAHAJ came out with a report that aforementioned regarding 27 of women aged 15 to 49 years have experienced physical violence since the age of 15 years.

“On one hand, India shows the sturdy economic process and on the other hand, it lags way behind in achieving equitable development amongst people facing discrimination based on caste, class or gender,” aforementioned the report titled ‘Fiscal Underpinnings of Gender Equity Health, Nutrition and Welfare Programs for Women’.“Almost one-third of all married women in India have experienced spousal violence and wife-beating is accepted by many women,” it said.

The report aforementioned “patriarchal attitudes” are deeply entrenched in the minds of individuals, that is mirrored in “discriminatory attitudes towards women and girl, and a view of women mostly through a reproductive role”.

It additionally raised concern over the actual fact that “Indian women receive less education, have poorer nutrition and find less medical attention than boys”. As a result of these social norms and in progress problems in implementing daring policies, there are the number of areas where the country continues to face challenges in promoting equality for girls and women, the report aforementioned.

Thus, to realistically achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), India desires a lot of concerted efforts and synergistic approach for including women in all spheres of development, the report added.

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