Subramanian Swamy is Modi’s undeclared spokesperson: Congress

New Delhi, June 22: The Congress on Wednesday described BJP leader Subramanian Swamy as the ‘undeclared spokesperson’ of Prime Minister rendra Modi. “A nomited member of Rajya Sabha with BJP’s backing has launched a scathing attack on the Chief Economic Advisor of the Prime Minister, Arvind Subramanian and has described him as an agent of US Pharma companies. But the Prime Minister has not uttered a word on this issue,” Congress spokesperson P.L. Punia said while addressing a press conference at the party headquarters here.

“Swamy has always attacked the political opponents and adversaries of the Prime Minister and Modi who has been speaking at length on various issues has never spoken on Swamy’s statements. This shows that Subramanian Swamy is an unofficial spokesperson of Prime Minister Modi,” Punia said, asserting that Swamy’s attacks on people have suited Modi. “Swamy is doing all this because he wants to be the country’s Fince Minister,” Punia said insisting that the primary target of Swamy’s attack is Fince Minister Arun Jaitley.

He added that Modi’s silence “has encouraged the attacks on honest, credible and impartial officers who believe to work on merit.” “This government insults honest officials and discourages them from carrying out their duties,” Punia said.

Meanwhile, senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh too attacked Modi and Swamy. “Subramanian Swamy now guns for Arvind Subramanian Economic Advisor to NDA. Target is Arun Jaitley not Arvind Subramanian,” Singh tweeted.

“Is Modi handing over Fince Ministry to Subramanian Swamy,” asked Digvijaya Singh. “He (Swamy) has been claiming that PM has assured him as quid pro quo if he targeted the Nehru Gandhi Family,” Digvijaya Singh said. Supporting Digvijaya Singh’s claims, Punia asserted, “He never says anything without any basis or reason.” (IANS)