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Sudden price hike of essential items

A Correspondent
JOYSAGAR, May 2: Price hike of essential commodities as well as construction materials and petroleum products recently has affected the common people of Sivasagar district. In many markets in Sivasagar, potato is being sold at Rs 22 per kg. This is quite an increase from the earlier rate of Rs 14 per kg. Likewise, vegetables which were earlier sold at Rs 20-Rs 25 per kg, are now being sold at Rs 30-Rs 40 per kg. The prices of fish and chicken have been hiked by Rs 15-Rs 25 per kg and the price of egg has also increased by Rs 1-Rs 2 per kg. Now people have to buy an egg at the rate of Rs 5 or Rs 6 in the local markets.
Prices of hardware items like sand, iron bar, stone or bricks too have surged by around 15 per cent to 28 per cent. People have alleged the syndicate system in Sivasagar markets for the sudden price hike of essential commodities and construction materials. They have demanded the authority concerned to take measures to check this price hike.