Suwori festival celebrated at Boko

A Correspondent

Boko, April 21: The cultural rainbow of Assam Meghalaya border is clearly visible at Boko town in South Kamrup district of Assam during Suwori festival. The festival is organized by most of the tribes of the area like the Garos, Rabhas, Boros, Hajongs, Koch-Rajbongshis as well as the people of other castes and communities.
The one hundred and six years old Suwori festival was celebrated on Friday at Boko. Every year this festival is celebrated on the 7th day of the Assamese month of Bohag. Though the weather was hostile, yet more than 5 thousand people of various tribes participated in the festival in colorful traditional attire. ‘Hana Ghora’ and ‘Paro bah’ attracted most of the people, especially those from the other areas. As per locals, God Siva while travelling along his wife’s dead body he met Hanas (Garo) people in this area. Along with God Siva, Goddesses Kali also came to the area on horseback. After his departure, Hanas (Garo) made a horse of bamboo wounded by cloth.
After a long time this horse became famous as Hana Ghora dance and Rabha-Kachari also performed this dance. During this dance ‘Kodal’ (spade) and drum are used. Before the dance is performed, they pray to the Goddesses and offer one pair of chicken, wine, eggs, sendur, mustard oil and the lik. ‘Hana Ghora’ always dances along with two armed guards. 
On other hand ‘Paro Bah’ was the younger sister of Hana Ghora. She also prayed and offered just like Hana Ghora before visiting all the residences of the village. Paro Bah is made with a long straight jati bah and wrapped with red and white cloth while the body is covered with black, white and green cloth. 
A good number of people participated in various traditional sports like tug of war, oiled bamboo climbing and also performed Bihu dance, Rabha dance, Boro dance  to name a few.
Nandita Das, MLA, Boko constituency, Jawaharlal Nehru College principal Nripen Goswami along with former MLA Jyoti Prasad Das also attended the festival.