Tarun Gogoi lashes out at BJP for ‘divisive politics’

From a Correspondent

GAON (HAIBORGAON), Feb 4: “The Central Government led by BJP has already completed a tenure of around two-and-half years and what the BJP promised to the people of the country before the general election in 2014, has turned futile. Prime Minister rendra Modi himself declared ahead of the election as that if BJP would come to the power, Acche Din for all would come. But alas! None can see the Acche Din,” said former Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Saturday while he was addressing a press conference at gaon Rajiv Bhavan.

Slamming the BJP, former Chief Minister Gogoi further said, “Modi during the election rallies had declared that illegal foreigners allegedly taking shelter in the State would be deported soon, black money allegedly kept in foreign banks would be brought back and not an inch of land would be given to neighbouring country Bangladesh. But all such promises were never kept.”

He also criticized the role played by Prime Minister Modi on the latest issue of demonetization and said that due to this, all sections of people in the entire country faced severe crisis. The small businessmen suffered severely.

Gogoi further alleged that BJP had been indulging in the politics of polarization. On the other hand, on the issue like illegal influx of Bangladeshi tiols into the State, Gogoi said, “Muslims mean illegal foreigners for BJP. But we will never accept such thinking of the BJP. But we also seek the detection and deportation of real illegal foreigners,” said Gogoi.